Welcome to BSidesOK 2015

All Access VIP - SECTF Rules and Info:

Participants will have the opportunity and freedom to try out and conduct any and all social engineering skills and tactics without any worry or risk. We have created a social engineering sandbox for all of you to learn and enjoy.

Game Summary:

Pangaea Security is sponsoring the most epic after party for BSidesOK and only 13 VIP badges are up for grabs. Do you have what it takes to social engineer a VIP badge, solve a puzzle and gain access to one of the biggest and exclusive InfoSec parties of the year?

You must obtain one of the thirteen BSidesOK VIP badges and solve the puzzle contained to win. This must be done so by 4:00 PM on 4/18/2015. The final steps are contained within the badge. In order to get these limited badges and win you must social engineer the staff present at the Pangaea Security booth in the vendor area. The sky is the limit so use every social engineering trick in the book to get a VIP badge. Talking is the key…
Once you have obtained a VIP badge there will be a second puzzle to solve in order to win the game. Once solved you must have a VIP badge in your possession upon the time the trophy is presented. You must be present to accept the trophy in person in order to win.

Contact: For questions and continual releases of information please refer to our Twitter feed: “@squirrelsnabrrl” or visit our website www.squirrelsinabarrel.com Also feel free to find us or track us down in the hallway to ask questions.

Remember: This Social Engineering Capture The Flag is designed for all ages and skill levels, so anyone can and is encouraged to play. So give it a try and have some fun with us. Who knows you might have fun and learn something at the same time… Also keep in mind the Pangaea Security employee running this both has no idea this is a game… shhhhh…don’t’ tell anyone. ;)

Please note: We understand that there is no cheating in hacking, but these rules exist strictly to keep your butts out of jail/trouble/prison/bad stuff and to make sure everyone has a fun and level playing field. Rules may be changed throughout the game to adjust and adapt to any issues that may arise that jeopardize the level playing field as well as the safety of the players.

1. No physical contact with anyone, period. (Includes awkward hugs.)
2. Absolutely NO interaction with Casio/Hotel/Hard Rock staff and employees.
3. No interaction with the venue staff, service providers, sponsors and venue designated employees.
4. VIP Badges on a person or within their possession may not be obtained through theft.
5. Use of automated tools and tools/programs/apps is prohibited in the attack or finger-printing of the target company’s web site. It is a social engineering game, tools will not be needed.
6. Only items clearly marked with the Pangaea Security logo are within the scope of the game.
7. The game runs from the start of the conference until 4:00 PM – ONLY
8. Only the physical location of BSidesOK is the allowed playing field. At no time will the game take place outside of the designated conference area.
9. No interaction with any entity outside of the game. Your targets are clearly marked and are the ONLY ones that have information about the game.
10. No nudity…seriously…this rule now exists for a reason.
11. No direct/intentional sabotage of the game/resources/target or fellow players. It will actually just waste your time.
12. Players may team up but remember there is only one trophy.
13. Use common sense.
14. When in doubt ask a question in person or hit us up on our twitter account. @squirrelsnabrrl
15. Interaction on a personal level, including DOXing of the game organizers or participants is not allowed.
16. At no time are your actions during the game to disrupt or disturb the BSidesOK conference.
17. No DDOS or DOS of ANY game components, websites, communication channels, etc.
18. Remember this is a SOCIAL ENGINEERING contest…be social and talk.
19. Rules are subject to change at any time during the game and will be announced via our twitter feed @squirrelsnabrrl ONLY to ensure the safety of players.

Remember the first rule of lock picking, check the door to see if it is already open.